Japanese Language School
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  Course Fee
Registration fee
      JPY 15,000
Group course (15 lessons a week) 3-6 students
  2 weeks JPY 60,000 (Yen 2,000 a person)
  3 weeks JPY 90,000 (Yen 2,000 a person)
  4 weeks JPY 120,000(Yen 2,000 a person)
  6 weeks JPY 171,000(Yen 1,900 a person)
  8 weeks JPY 216,000(Yen 1,800 a person)
  10 weeks JPY 255,000(Yen 1,700 a person)
One to one lessons    

4,900 x 40 minutes

Priceses are valid until 2007.07.31

Message from Murasaki Juku Japanese Language School

 Nowadays, outputs from Japan can be seen all over the world.
So, you probably know a lot about Japan already.
But we strongly recommend you Come and See Japan
with your own eyes and experience the real life here.
You will find lots of many interesting aspects of Japan
that haven't come through different media such as TV, movies and so on.

We are waiting all of you at our school, Murasaki-Juku in Tokyo(Nihonbashi and Shibuya).

Let's begin "Nihongo lesson" !